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Las Vegas Scaffolding is Nevadas leaders in Scaffolding rentals and sales, along with leaders in safety and scaffolding safety accessories. When you are on the job, we make sure your safety is everyone’s main concern.

Scaffolding Equipment

The first thing you need to focus on when picking the right scaffolding for the job is, what scaffolding is going to be the safest for your job site. Below you will see a few different types of scaffolding, and we will go over the pros and cons of each. Along with that, we will cover how and when each type of scaffolding should be used.

Safety Equipment Accessories

Scaffolding Ladder

When you are looking for scaffolding that can support the ladders you need on the job site, Las Vegas Scaffolding in Las Vegas Nevada has you covered. We offer a wide range of scaffolding for any size of project. From a single story family home all the way up to a 5 story 1000 foot office building.

Double Box Ladder Scaffolding
Triple Ladder Scaffolding
Walk Thru Ladder Scaffolding

Scaffolding Side/End Brackets

Scaffolding Brackets are ideal for extending the outside area of scaffolding when working off of the ground. Brackets are helpful when working along side of a building, and when space in needed on the other side of the scaffolding. For your safety, you should always place the Scaffolding Brackets on the ladder side of the scaffolding.

Las Vegas Scaffolding End Brackets
Las Vegas Scaffolding Clip On Side Bracket
Las Vegas Scaffolding Corner Brackets

Scaffolding Accessories

Having the right Scaffolding Accessories makes your scaffolding safer and improves the rate at which your crew can work. Some accessories are required by OSHA and others are requested by the crew. As we are planing out your scaffolding needs, we will suggest accessories that we think you will need.

Scaffolding Cross Brace
Scaffolding Clamps
Las Vegas Scaffolding Base Plate

Planks & Walkboard

Planks & Walkboard are needed anytime you are using scaffolding, but many people don’t know what type of planks you need for what job. We hope to answer a few of your questions about this and we are always here to help you plan your next scaffolding needs.

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