Bamboo Planks & Walkboards

Bamboo planks are often a componation of an aluminum frame with a bamboo sheep placed on top to walk or work on. This if different comparied to a solid wood or solid aluminum plank. It is that happy middle ground many people are looking for. 

The cost of Bamboo planks

Bamboo planks tended to cost more than solid wood planks, but they are a lot less than solid aluminum planks. For this reason, they are often proferd by many major contractors. 

Working with bamboo planks

Bamboo planks planks take up more space than wood planks, but they have the aded benifit of lasting longer as well. You do end up needing more space, but being able to have a higher work load on your planks makes them a great choice when you are loading up on planks for your next project. 

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