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Las Vegas Scaffolding is a full-service Nevada scaffolding company with the equipment and accessories needed for your future scaffolding projects, no matter how large or small.  Las Vegas Scaffolding provides all of our services to the commercial, residential, and industrial sections of the construction industry.

With Las Vegas Scaffolding, you will be in good hands as we have the best site managers in Nevada to oversee your project to ensure everything's done to meet and exceded OSHA regulation. 

When you work with Las Vegas Scaffolding in Nevada, we will deliver, erect the scaffolding, dismantle the scaffolding, and haul the scaffolding away when your project is complete. 

We also provided engineering when it comes to scaffolding to ensure your job site is done to code.  

Other Scaffolding Hardware We Offer

Scaffolding Hardware Offered

Below you will find hardware we offer at Las Vegas Scaffolding in Nevada.
    • Stacking Pins
    • Spring Retainer
    • Gravity Lock Pins
    • Bolts & Nuts
    • 9 Gage Wire
    • 16 Gage Wire
    • Bumper 
    • Right Angle Clamps 
    • Swivel Clamps 
    • U Clamps 
    • 16d Nails 
    • 3" Wood Eye Lag
    • 2" Metal Eye Lag

Equipment Offered

Scaffolding  Frames
  • Scaffolding Frames 
  • Scaffolding Ladder Frame
  • Scaffold 10'8" Apartment Frames 
Footings & Legs
  • Mud Sills 16" Long
  • Screw Jack Base
  • Extension Base 
  • Short Base 
  • 8" Caster w/Brake 
Scaffolding  Ladders
  • Bolt-on Ladder 
  • Ladder Bracket 
  • Hatch Ladder 
  • Swing Gate 
Scaffolding  Brace/Guardrails
  • X Brace 
  • Guard Rail Post 
  • End Rail
  • Rail / Straight Brace
  • Gooser 
Scaffolding  Planks
  • Wood Planks 
  • Meral Planks (10')
Las Vegas Scaffolding Commercial

Commercial Scaffolding

WE offer the best commercial scaffolding rental services in the Las Vegas valley.

Las Vegas Scaffolding Consulting

Scaffolding Consulting

Obtaining scaffolding project supervision and consultation services is a trustworthy option.
Las Vegas Residential Scaffolding

Residential Scaffolding

At Performance Scaffolding, we pride ourselves on providing the very best in custom access solutions.  
Las Vegas Scaffolding Rentals

Scaffolding Rentals

At Performance Scaffolding, we offer the rental of sectional scaffolding to accommodate the needs of your project.
Las Vegas Nevada Scaffolding Trash Chute Rental

Trash Chute Rental

Are you looking for heavy-duty trash chutes for your next project? Las Vegas Scaffolding proudly provides a wide selection of trash chute equipment.
Las Vegas Nevada Scaffolding Stair Towers Rental

Stair Towers Rental

OSHA requires two means of egress for limited access worksites, and we have your stairway solutions.
Las Vegas Scaffolding Demo Stack

Scaffolding Demo Stack

Contact Las Vegas Scaffolding of Las Vegas for a fast, no-obligation quote on your next demolition project.
Las Vegas Scaffolding Containment Wrap

Scaffolding Containment Wrap

Performance Scaffolding has been delivering work safely at moderate, high, and ultra-high elevations for over 20 years.
Las Vegas Scaffolding Elevated Platforms

Scaffolding Elevated Platforms

When you need to get your job off the ground, we can get you there.  
Las Vegas Scaffolding Shoring

Scaffolding Shoring

Shoring is the vertical supporting members in a formwork system and each system requires proper fall protection. 
Las Vegas Scaffolding Pedestrian Protection

Scaffolding Pedestrian Protection

Pedestrian Protection is a structure built over the sidewalk and around the exterior of a building. If you have people on the ground, you need Pedestrian Protection.   

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