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    Pedestrian Protection Scaffolding is a structure built over the sidewalk and around the exterior of a building, while work is occurring, to protect pedestrians from falling debris. It can also be called a “Sidewalk Bridge”, “Canopy” or “Sidewalk Shed”.

    Las Vegas Scaffolding ensures Pedestrian Protection during every project.

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    Scaffolding Pedestrian Protection


    An overhead security system is a platform built over sidewalks and around buildings to protect pedestrians and workers around the building from objects that may fall.


    Scaffolding Pedestrian Protection can be called a few things, such as: 

    • sidewalk shed
    • covered walkway
    • sidewalk bridge
    • canopy

    When building Pedestrian Protection with scaffolding, there are a few advantages. We can have the covering as tall as needed to clear doorways, light posts, and other objects that need to be covered. 


    Pedestrian Protection can also be built as wide as needed to ensure that sidewalks and around the building can provide all the required space to keep people safe. 




    Pedestrian Protection Rental

    Las Vegas Pedestrian Protection

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    • Las Vegas, NV
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