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    Nevada Scaffolding Rentals

    At Las Vegas Scaffolding, we make sure we do everything we can to make sure your project gets off the ground and your scaffolding is as safe as possible. Las Vegas Scaffolding carries various tools and equipment rentals to serve commercial, residential, industrial and homeowners' needs.  

    Scaffolding Sizes

    Small residential projects like hanging a chandelier to 10 story luxury apartments require roof access with trach chutes and ladder access; Las Vegas Scaffolding in Nevada is ready to get you a quote today and deliver the scaffolding tomorrow. When we provide scaffolding, we also offer a setup service that can save you time and make you rest a little easier. 


    How much does scaffolding cost to rent?

    This is one of the most common questions we get, both over the phone and in our inbox. The truth is, we can not give a clear answer because it depends on a few things. 


    We want to take this chance to go over some of the questions we will have so that you can have an idea as to what can affect the price of your rental. 


    How long is the scaffolding run? 

    We will need to know how long the scaffolding run is going to be. 


    How tall does the scaffolding need to go?

    This question changes two aspects of your rental. First, the taller you go, the more scaffolding you will requirer. Second, the more scaffolding we need to stack and install (if we do the install), the longer it will take our guys to install the scaffolding. 


    What type of scaffolding do you need? 

    There are a few different scaffolding types to pick from, and each one comes at another price point. 


    Standard scaffolding systems in Nevada include:

    • Systems Scaffolding
    • Cuplock Systems Scaffolding
    • Shoring Scaffolding

    Other Scaffolding Services Offered In Nevada

    • Scaffolding Frames
    • Scaffolding Ladder
    • Trash Chute
    • Stair Towers
    • Scaffold 10'8" Frames
    • Bolt-on Ladder
    • Ladder Bracket
    • Hatch Ladder
    • Swing Gate
    • Wood Planks
    • Meral Planks (10')
    • Scaffolding Consulting
    Las Vegas Scaffolding Rentals

    Areas We Service 


    Don't let our name fool you; we service more than just Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are in or around any of the following areas, we offer our full service to your area. This includes delivery, set up, take down, and hall away. 


    • Las Vegas, NV
    • North Las Vegas, NV
    • Henderson, NV
    • Boulder City, NV
    • Mesquite, NV
    • Searchlight, NV
    • Bullhead City, NV
    • Pahrump, NV
    • Paradise, NV