Our Services

Las Vegas Scaffolding of Nevada provides a variety of services in the commercial, residential, and industrial sections of the construction industry. Performance Scaffolding takes on all work ranging from $1,000.00 to multi-million dollar projects. Whether you need a budget cost for scaffold on a project you are bidding, or an estimate to provide a scaffold for a job you’re already working on, Performance Scaffolding is here to facilitate your needs.


Las Vegas Scaffolding Commercial

Las Vegas Scaffolding is a leader in commercial scaffolding and has been for over 20 years. We will give you a free quote, design the scaffolding, deliver the scaffolding, set up the scaffolding, and take it down and hall it away.


Las Vegas Scaffolding Consulting

Contact a scaffolding company that offers to consult for your next project. Las Vegas Scaffolding is happy to help you understand your needs before you start your project to help save you time and money. Rated the #1 consulting company in Nevada.


Las Vegas Scaffolding Containment Wrap

Containment scaffolding is needed for many demo jobs in the Legas valley. Las Vegas Scaffolding offers a global wrap , so the next time you need a total Encapsulation & Containment solution, we are here to serve Nevada.

Demo Stacks

Las Vegas Demo Stack

Scaffolding Demo Stacks are used to support a structure well works being done on load-bearing walls. We will supply engineering and the equipment needed to hold your structure up well your crew does their work.

Elevated Platforms

Las Vegas Scaffolding Elevated Platforms

Elevated Platforms are great when you need a reliable scaffolding platform to work from. Most of the time, scaffolding Elevated Platforms is designed to hold more weight and stay longer than traditional scaffolding

Osha Scaffolding Training

Las Vegas Scaffolding Elevated Platform Services

Osha Scaffolding Training is required on many job sites to keep you, your crew, and anyone around the job site safe. Even if it is not needed, you should consider having a yearly Saftey Training course to ensure everyone is safe.

Pedestrian Protection

Las Vegas Scaffolding Pedestrian Protection

In Nevada, where many projects are in the heart of Las Vegas where there are hundreds if not thousands of people walking around. Having the proper Pedestrian Protection is just as needed as knowing pedestrian protection regulations.


Las Vegas Scaffolding Rentals

Let Las Vegas Scaffolding fill your order for scaffolding rentals for your next project in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson. Not only do we have the equipment needed, but we also have the workforce to get your scaffolding set up fast.


Residential Scaffolding

When you need Residential Scaffolding in Las Vegas, Nevada, we are here to help you get everything you need set up at some of the best rental prices you can get in Las Vegas. If you are looking for a "scaffolding rental near me," company, contact us.



Las Vegas Scaffolding offers shoring scaffolding rentals to all of Nevada. So if you require scaffolding, shoring, and underpinning for a current project or an upcoming project. We would be happy to offer you our services.

Stair Towers

Las Vegas Scaffolding Rentals

Scaffolding Stair Towers offer a safe and fast way to enter or exit a building from the out site that is two or more stories tall. We can also have an entry point on every floor, so you can

Trash Chutes

Trash Chutes Services and Rentals Las Vegas

Let Las Vegas Scaffolding install Trash Chutes on your next project to help keep your job site clean and save time at the same time. We offer top of the time commercial trash chutes that can be extended beyond 15 stories if needed.