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Performance Scaffolding of Las Vegas provides a variety of services in the commercial, residential, and industrial sections of the construction industry. Performance Scaffolding takes on all work ranging from $1,000.00 to multi-million dollar projects. Whether you need a budget cost for scaffold on a project you are bidding, or an estimate to provide scaffold for a job you’re already working on, Performance Scaffolding is here to facilitate your needs.



Commercial Scaffolding

Performance Scaffolding is your one-stop supplier of scaffold services. We will manage your scaffold project from start to finish including delivery, erection, dismantling, on-site inventory management and many other specialized services.  We provide the very best in commercial scaffolding services for work access that includes outstanding safety performance, along with on-time and on-budget project management.



Las Vegas Consulting

When overseeing a building project, contractors need to handle a lot of details. Despite their years of experience or expertise, it’s not uncommon for them to forget important things. To help them make sure that all bases are covered, obtaining scaffolding project management and consultation services is a dependable option.

To help contractors choose the most suitable scaffold types for a specific kind of building project, it’s better to get help from experts at Las Vegas Scaffolding who can provide scaffolding project consulting services. They can help assess the level of complexity of your building design and choose the best equipment to go with it.



Las Vegas Containment Systems

Let us access what others can’t.

Every job in excess of six feet presents unique challenges for the protection of workers, the site and the people nearby. Beyond our complex training programs for a variety of diverse equipment, nothing is more valuable than experience. Performance Scaffolding has been performing work safely at moderate, high and ultra-high elevations for over 20 years.

Every project involving work at heights is unique. Our workers are well trained on the installation and inspection of pipe scaffolding and suspended/swing stages in addition to personal fall protection.

Performance Scaffolding uses rigid containment, with professional engineer approval, to allow us to continue working in high winds with the guarantee that the structure we are working on won’t be compromised. In conjunction with our containment systems we can utilize heat and dehumidification equipment as well as other engineering controls to finish large projects within very tight time frames.

No shortcuts allowed! State and OSHA requirements are only the starting point for proper job site practices. Our customers demand the most experienced and safety conscious labor force available.


Demo Stacks

Demolition is usually the first physical aspect of any re-development activity. Contact Las Vegas Scaffolding of Las Vegas for a fast, no obligation quote on your next project.


Elevated Platforms

Elevated Platforms Las Vegas

Las Vegas Scaffolding uses scaffolding in a variety of applications. For example, it is used for painting, new construction, renovations, routine maintenance, and removal projects. There are many types of scaffolding. OSHA defines scaffolding as a “temporary elevated platform (supported or suspended) and its supporting structure (including points of anchorage), used for supporting employees or materials or both.


Osha Required Scaffolding Training

Osha Required Scaffolding Training

Is training required to use scaffold?

Yes. OSHA requires specific training for all users of scaffolding even if they are not erecting or modifying the scaffold.

What are the training requirements to use scaffold?

OSHA requires all employees who perform work while on a scaffold to be trained by a person qualified in the subject matter.

Training must cover:

The nature of and correct procedures for dealing with electrical hazards.

The nature of and correct procedures for erecting, maintaining, and disassembling fall protection systems and falling object protection systems in use.

The proper use of the scaffold and the proper handling of the materials on the scaffold.

The maximum intended load and the load-carrying capacities of the scaffolds used.


Pedestrian Protection

Pedestrian Protection

Pedestrian Protection is a structure built over the sidewalk and around the exterior of a building, while work is occuring, to protect pedestrians from falling debris. It can also be called a “Sidewalk Bridge”, “Canopy” or “Sidewalk Shed”. Las Vegas Scaffolding ensures Pedestrian Protection during every project.




At Performance Scaffolding, we understand that job requirements vary from customer to customer, which is why we offer the rental of sectional scaffolding to accommodate the needs of your project.  Our inventory base has evolved into a full range of products to serve a variety of access needs.



Residential Scaffolding Services Las Vegas

At Performance Scaffolding, we pride ourselves on providing the very best in custom access solutions. We can deliver and set up access to any location on any building, regardless of site conditions or difficulty of landscape. From gaining access to plaster an entire facade, or to change a hard to reach light bulb, we are the experts in providing access solutions.



Shoring Las Vegas

At Performance Scaffolding we bring the same quality and ease of use of our other products to shoring, providing simple solutions to complex problems. Shoring is the vertical supporting members in a formwork system and each system requires proper fall protection, access and strength.


Stair Towers

Stair Towers

Las Vegas Scaffolding offers a full range of stairway solutions for temporary access – from simple internal access to stairway towers for public use – and a complete selection of other special application stairway solutions. Remember OSHA requires two means of egress for limited access worksites.


Trash Chutes

Trash Chutes Las VegasAre you looking for heavy duty trash chutes for your next project? Las Vegas Scaffolding proudly provides a wide selection of trash chute equipment, from steel to plastic chutes.

Dispose of your construction debris with a cost effective, reliable debris chute. We have everything you need to set up your trash chute system and streamline your cleanup process in Las Vegas.


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Las Vegas Scaffolding is a full service scaffold company that offers, exterior scaffolding rental, interior scaffolding rental, 20 ft scaffolding rental, and all types of construction scaffolding for rent in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson. 

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